About the Project

The (Great) Indian Poetry Project was born from the desire to bring together the lives and work of contemporary Indian poets. The aim of this project is to document and preserve the legacy of modern Indian poetry through poets’ profiles, personal statements, poems, bibliographies, interviews, reviews and more. At the same time, The (Great) Indian Poetry Project strives to create awareness regarding modern Indian poetry through workshops, readings, the revival of out of print work, and the publication of new work. To learn more about how this project started, click here.

Shikha Malaviya is a poet, writer and teacher. Her work has been featured in The Missing Slate, Sugar Mule, Prairie Schooner, Drunken Boat, Water~stone Review, and other fine journals/anthologies. She also founded Monsoon Magazine, one of the first South Asian literary magazines on the web. Shikha believes in the transformative power of poetry, as a vehicle for raising social awareness and spurring change. She has organized the ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change-Bangalore,’ event for the past two years. Shikha gave a TEDx talk on poetry in Bangalore, India, in March 2013. Her first book of poems, Geography of Tongues, is forthcoming later this year.

Summer 2013: Radhika Malaviya, Rhea Laxmee Nath, & Shreya Srinath.

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