Latest Showcase of English Poetry by Indians

Sudeep Sen, poet and editor of the Harper Collins Book of English Poetry by Indians, has been an ardent promoter of the work coming out of the Indian subcontinent. He’s been closely involved in the realization of other anthologies in the past, viz., World Literature Today Writing from Modern India (2010), The Literary Review Indian Poetry (2009) and Midnight’s Grandchildren: Post-Independence English Poetry from India (2004). His own poems have appeared in several Indian as well as international publications. His work has also been widely translated in several languages. A Pushcart Prize nominee for his work in Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems by HarperCollins, he is also on the editorial boards of various renowned journals and magazines.

Speaking to mainstream daily, The Times of India, Sudeep Sen shared:

‘The point and power of poetry is absolute. It is urgent, inescapable and transcendental. Beautiful writing through pretty phraseology is only a very small fraction of the entire art form. There is much more beyond this narrow notion of aesthetics. Unlike prose, which tends largely to be prosaic, poetry is something we humans resort to in our most intimate and precious moments — birth, death, love, rejection, grief, happiness, prayer and so on’.

The interview makes for a fine read and is a strong representation for the quality of English poetry coming out of India. Read more here.


Mark your calendars for Saturday, 29th September 2012. The global 100 Thousand Poets for Change initiative has a local chapter in Bangalore. Come over to Atta Galatta in Koramangala and enjoy poetry readings by the city’s most active poets. If you like poetry and have a heart for social causes, you are welcome to join us even if you may only be passing through Bangalore. Like our Facebook page for all the details of this event or note the updates here.

About Jessu John

Jessu John is a branding & communications professional from Bangalore, India. She also writes for mainstream Indian daily 'The Hindu' and is an amateur long distance runner. While she does not limit herself to any one format or genre, she finds reading and writing poetry relaxing. A lover of activities suited to the introvert, her inspiration for writing a piece often comes from conversations over coffee with friends or random people-watching and day-dreaming. She tweets as @JessuRJohn.

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